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SilverScreen null
Category: Desktop Customization
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase
Publisher: PocketSensei


Autumn Sale Extended!Purchase SilverScreen on or before December 15th for $19.95 — 20% off the regular price of $24.95. PocketSensei SilverScreen 3.0 offers more ways to customize the Palm OS interface than ever before. Experience the next generation of application management with the broadest and most productive toolset available, all while customizing your palmtop with just the right look from a stellar library of themes. You love your Palm OS handheld for its stylish design and uncompromisable simplicity; SilverScreen is the world’s best-selling application launcher that delivers more of both.Drag and drop your files onto the pop-up Tool Sheet to get info, categorize, beam, or delete in a flash. Change to the list view to compare file attributes or to sort with a single tap. Set up the Stroke of Genius for intuitive access to the functions you use most. Assign a favorite application to a Hot Spot for one-tap access or find recently launched items under the QuickSilver menu. Lock your device, perform a soft reset or even a simple shut down from the Device menu. Whatever the task may be, it’s simpler and more efficient with SilverScreen!SilverScreen is famous for its one-of-a-kind themes and the entire user interface can be tailored to taste, including the battery meter, application icons, fonts, pop-up sheets, category tabs and scroll bars. The red-hot Pix sheet slideshow (with FireViewer compatibility) allows you to enjoy your favorite JPEG or GIF images within the launcher environment without cluttering the screen! Use it to display classic artwork, a family photo, a corporate logo or a distant tropical beach. Try out our demo pix and then create your own scintillating collection…only your imagination is the limit.The innovation doesn’t stop there! SilverScreen pushes the envelope of interface design with a ticker that keeps you up-to-date on To Do and Datebook items at a glance. A pop-up Tabs sheet makes navigating between categories and filing applications a snap. A host of other improvements fine tune performance to create the ultimate PDA experience. OS5 users can enjoy the SilverScreen experience with dazzling hi-res backdrops simply by selecting JPEG or GIF images from the memory card. Under OS5 the famous SilverScreen fonts are available in hi-res too.SilverScreen is designed for the professional or Palm enthusiast who demands the most from his handheld computer. It represents an unparalleled fusion of form and function, style and substance. Give your handheld the full star treatment with the industry-leading, five-star launcherSilverScreen!Editor’s Pick, ZDNETKermit Woodall, PEN COMPUTINGJason O’Grady, PALM LOUNGEHighest Rating, TUCOWSBill Williams, WIRED GUYSilverScreen features:Modular Themes for the perfect look from classical to comical.New Themes are free to download as they are released.Integrated Color support for all screen bit depths.Memory Card support is seamless–store items in ANY category.Sony Cli support with Jog Dial, 320×480 resolution and half-size icons.Time Tab can be tapped once to display date and twice for day of week.Battery Meter cycles through voltage and memory info when tapped.Stroke of Genius adds easy, intuitive access to user-selected function.QuickSilver Menu for instant access to your favorite apps.Pop-up Sheets make file management as easy as drag and drop.Tabs Sheet for easy navigation and categorization of applications.Pix Sheet slideshow holds up to eight FireViewer pictures.Ticker Sheet for dynamic overview of To Do and Datebook items.Trash Bin stores removed items until emptied.Hot Spots are user-configurable for powerful single-tap functionality.Information shows all of an application’s vital statistics in a single view.Device Menu controls backlight, security, soft reset and shut down.View by List sorts applications by user-selectable criteria.Databases can be beamed, deleted and profiled when list is expanded.Replace Icons of third-party applications with drag-and-drop simplicity.Gray Levels dialog for fine tuning the contrast on b/w devices.Device Info dialog for a quick profile of useful system information.

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