Should i buy a new desktop computer or should i save my money ?

Question by Craig: Should i buy a new desktop computer or should i save my money ?
I got this 8 year old desktop dell computer and it works pretty good, before it ran slow because i ran internet explorer which has a lot of bugs and then i switched to mozilla firefox and now it runs faster. It has windows xp home edition and it has 1 GB of ram. I wanted to get a new computer on the after thanksgiving sale but my parents suggested that i save my money up. Do you think i should save my money if my money if my computer works good ?

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Answer by rossi158
I would buy a laptop instead of a desktop, so you can take it with you, and when you’re at home, it will take up less space. An 8 year old computer is pretty old in technology years, BUT if it works fine and the speed is not driving you crazy, you might want to wait until you absolutely NEED a new computer. The reason why is since computer technology is always getting better, you should wait until the last possible minute to buy, so you will end up with the most up to date computer. Also, I recommend buying a Mac. The learning curve from a PC is not that difficult, and you don’t have to worry as much about viruses.

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