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Image by Toban Black
They’re doing their part
for our economy.

Are you?
Are your neighbours?

Committed shoppers fill
their bins.

Help us fight frugality.

Shopping, Democracy, Freedom

The implied satirical message here is that anyone who doesn’t consume a lot is a terrorist. (To be more specific: the billboard suggests that people should have a lot of visible garbage if they are keeping up with their consumer duties.)

In the U.S., shopping was presented as a way of helping to fight the war on ‘terror’ — but not to this degree. Pro-shopping messages like that also are at least a little more American, I think.

Anyway, I don’t think that such a "Committed shoppers fill their bins" billboard campaign actually would be set in motion — today, at least. Other ads do encourage people to shop incessantly, but not in this way.

I added the text to the billboard
on this web site –

You can see the original propaganda billboard there.

Here is a blog post about these satirical billboard images –
"Security, Loyalty, Diligence, FREEDOM"

That blog post follows up this one –
"British state surveillance"

(Please note – I am not trying to comment on how British police generally think. These satirical billboards are, above all, about mainstream propaganda.)