Setting Up a Remote Desktop

Setting Up a Remote Desktop

Setting Up a Remote Desktop

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Setting Up a Remote Desktop

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Posted: Jan 10, 2011 |Comments: 0


Setting up a Remote Desktop is surprisingly easy, and it does not matter what sort of Operating System the computer uses.  Remote desktops are incredibly versatile, and if a computer operates on Windows XP or higher than it is automatically configured to be able to use a Remote Connection, thought for business applications, we would recommend using a secure, branded remote control software solution.  The setup is not at all confusing and a computer expert is not required to set it up properly.  The following steps are all that are necessary to connect to another desktop.

Step 1: Prepare the Host

To prepare the host computer, begin to set up a remote desktop by going to Add or Remove Programs.  From there, it is necessary to go to Add/Remove Windows Components, and view the details for the Internet Information Services option; this will lead to a sub-component, World Wide Web Service, and its details.  Within its sub-components, the check box for which should be marked “OK.”  This opens Windows Component Wizard; follow through to completion, which results in the installation of the appropriate web server.  Once finished, return to Internet Services Manager, find “/tsweb,” go to its properties, go to Directory Security, click “edit,” make sure “anonymous access” is checked for Authentication Methods, and then hit “OK” twice.

Step 2: Configure a Remote Connection

Now it is time to configure the access for the host computer, which involves going to the control panel once more.  From there, go to Performance and Maintenance and then go to the icon for the System.  Go to the “Remote” tab, where options for the remote desktop are found; the option for allowing users to remotely access the computer should be checked.  It may be necessary to assign passwords for anyone else who will be using the remote PC.  To allow other users access to the Remote Computer, go to “Select Remote Users.” 

Step 3: Finding the Host IP

Now it is time to discover the IP address for the host computer.  There are many web sites which can be used to discover this, but there are also things to be aware of before trying.  For example, it is important to realize that IP addresses will sometimes change, so verification is vital.  This should be done before each remote connection to the host and remote computers.  On any host computer, only a single user is allowed to log in at one time; only one person can be logged in remotely or locally and error messages occur if someone else is already logged in to either computer.

Step 4: Connect to the Host on the Internet

The last step involves connecting remotely to the host PC using the internet, and this step cannot occur until the IP address for the host PC is known.  After locating the IP address, launch the URL “http://IP-address:port/tsweb,” wherein “IP-adress” is replaced with the actual address.  If there is a prompt for an ActiveX control for the Remote Desktop, click “Yes.”  This brings up the appropriate connection page, which involves clicking “connect,” thus allowing the remote computer to actually take over the host computer.  The appropriate username and password should be typed into the login.

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Phillip Presley
About the Author:

This article was written by Phillip Presley on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your Remote Desktop Software, Remote Control Software, and PC Remote Access needs.



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