Serif PagePlus X4 [Download]

Serif PagePlus X4 [Download]

  • PagePlus X4 lets you easily create everything from address labels to z-fold brochures, books to newsletters and posters to business cards.
  • Create documents quickly and easily using dynamic guidelines, snapping, templates, ready-made artwork, and learning zone videos.
  • Create virtually any document type with a massive range of publishing possibilities; be compatible with images, graphics, text files and your chosen print shop.
  • Edit and enhance photos with an impressive built-in PhotoLab; design logos and other artwork without leaving PagePlus X4.
  • Open and edit documents from anywhere with impressive PDF editing; print at high quality on desktop printers, at any size, even double-sided.

When you create publications, you inevitably do more than just layout and print the page. You write text, design graphics, enhance images, import content, and more, then share your work in print, as PDFs, or as emails. PagePlus X4 makes all this easy, it’s a publishing package designed to be as flexible as you are.

PagePlus X4 was awarded an impressive 4.5 / 5 stars and rated “Superior” in a recent review. Authors Sally Wiener Grotta & Daniel Grotta say that “with its new integrated PhotoLab, enhanced drawing tools, and direct import of text from files, PagePlus X4 is a comprehensive, worthwhile upgrade that can stand on its own.”

All-in-One Desktop Publishing Studio

Unrivaled PDF Editing
Open PDFs and fully edit their contents with PagePlus X4 just like they are regular publications–so you can source and customise designs from almost anywhere. You can also combine PDFs, or pages from different PDFs, even when they’ve been made by different applications on different computing platforms.

  • Save time and money editing PDFs in PagePlus X4
  • Merge PDF files, add and remove pages, change their order
  • Fully edit text, move delete and reformat page objects
  • Repurpose deign elements from PDFs into your own designs
  • Make changes to PDFs you receive before forwarding them
  • Optimise images and protect content with PDF security

Enhance Images with Built-in Editing Power
Include photos in your publications and make sure they’re at their very best with the all new PhotoLab. Offering over 70 adjustments, corrections, filters and effects, with some incredible instant artistic styles, your images can really stand out from the page. And with a dedicated Image Cutout Studio you can remove photo backgrounds quickly, with no expertise required.

  • Professionally adjust and correct your photos
  • Apply adjustments with single clicks
  • Quickly remove blemishes and scratches
  • Easily select a specific area to apply changes to
  • Edit and undo changes at any time, your photo is unharmed

Create Impressive Logos and Artwork
From simple attention-grabbing shapes to logos and marketing-quality graphic design, PagePlus X4’s powerful drawing tools make it easy to create stunning graphics. And in the Logo Studio, these tools are grouped together in a view that focuses on your drawing or logo without the distraction of seeing the rest of your page design.

  • Logo Studio offers 400+ ready-made graphics
  • Gallery has hundreds of other flashes and symbols
  • Add attractive style presets including glass and metal
  • Draw and combine shapes with full curve and node editing
  • Use impressive drop shadows, glows, and bevels
  • Even create your own effects and surface textures

Fantastic Word Processing
Impressive text handling is at the very heart of PagePlus, so while you could write in a word processor of your choosing and import text, you can just use PagePlus to write! Enjoy all the usual formatting controls, plus fast-flowing text wraps, hierarchical paragraph and character styles, long document features, and of course the freedom to place text and other objects exactly where you want. Files you can import include Word 2007 & OpenOffice Writer!

Create Virtually Any Document
Create a massive range of document types, from regular sheets to folded menus and booklets, from tiny mailmerge labels, to massive posters and banners, from newsletters to newspapers.

Use Tables and Calendars
Create your own attractive calendars–for yourself, your business, or as gifts for friends and family. Add tables to show data neatly, use formulae, even import data from spreadsheets or databases.

Create a massive range of document types, from regular sheets to folded menus and booklets, from tiny mailmerge labels, to massive posters and banners, from newsletters to newspapers. Click to enlarge.

Include photos in your publications and make sure they’re at their very best with the all new PhotoLab. Click to enlarge.

PagePlus X4 raises the bar once again, expanding the range of ready-made design templates so you can produce stunning documents in no time at all. Click to enlarge.

Design logos and other artwork without leaving PagePlus X4. Click to enlarge.

Fantastic Results–Fast

Create Beautiful Documents from Templates
PagePlus X4 raises the bar once again, expanding the range of ready-made design templates so you can produce stunning documents in no time at all. Now featuring Theme Layouts–sets including business cards, flyers, newsletters and more–allowing you to add your own pictures and words resulting in a professional and polished design in minutes.

  • Over 2500 templates and ready-made design elements
  • Design Sets and Themed Layouts are instant stationery
  • Zoom in on the Template Wizard to see designs clearly
  • Choose which pages or design variants to start off with
  • Simply double-click images to replace them with your own
  • Import Word or other text documents, or write in PagePlus

Learn New Skills with Tutorial Videos and Guides
We’re not the only ones who think PagePlus X4 is easy to use, but If you’re new to desktop publishing, new to PagePlus, or just new to this version, you can create fantastic and professional results the easy way using the Learning Zone. Accessible from the redesigned, streamlined Startup Wizard, the Learning Zone gives direct access to online video tutorials and more so you can painlessly improve your publishing skills.

All the Controls You Need Within a Click
There are so many ways PagePlus X4 makes the design process smooth, you’ll hardly realise you’re working. Changing font, fill, line style and more is easy using an on-screen Studio that combines content, controls, and guidance. The rest of the interface is smart too–whatever you select on your page, you’ll get instant access to the right tools and controls to suit. You can select, edit, resize, move, rotate, set defaults and more without even changing tools.

Customisable Workspace and Shortcuts
Whether you like instant access to all formatting controls, or a totally clean design interface with customised keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow quick and smooth, PagePlus works like you do.

Dynamic Layout Assistants
Aligning text, artwork and images is easier than ever in PagePlus X4. On top of layout guides, grids, margins and alignment tools, new dynamic guides make being neat a natural and automated process.

Flexible and Versatile Publishing

Press-Ready PDFs and Colour Management
Get the best possible results with professional full-colour printing, safe in the knowledge that your ouput will be compatible with any print shop, whether they use PCs or Macs. PagePlus X4 produces PDFs to the industry-recognised PDF/X-1a standard, files containing all your design elements, fonts, and colour information for accurate reproduction.

  • Save as PDF with industry-standard PDF/X-1a settings
  • Include press marks, crop marks and bleed area
  • Add passworded PDF open/edit/copy/print security
  • Choose PDF display options, include hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Manage colour palettes, models, and ICC colour profiles
  • Design using RGB, CMYK, HSL, Pantone and spot colors

Print Any Size on Any Printer–Even Double Sided
Get great results every time–PagePlus can scale designs to fit any size paper, and a Duplex Wizard prepares single-sided printers for double-sided output, saving paper and giving polished results.

Print Special Documents Without Headaches
Everyone can print impressive folded, tiled, repeated, multi-chapter and other special documents, effortlessly. PagePlus will intelligently resequence, renumber, and turn ‘n tumble pages when needed.

Design PDF Forms and Multimedia PDF Slideshows
Take your print designs and give them an entirely new dimension, without leaving PagePlus. You can design corporate or other forms in PagePlus, save as PDF, and have customers or others fill in the form electronically. Serif automatically emails you their responses, free of charge. Alternatively add page transitions to your designs, include audio and video, interactive buttons and more, and save as a multimedia PDF slideshow ideal for business presentations.

Publish Websites and Send Designs as HTML Emails
You multitask at work, home, school, and everywhere else, and so does PagePlus. Once you’ve created business documents or other publications, you can easily incorporate your designs into websites created directly in PagePlus X4’s web publishing mode. Extra functionality opens up to give you web-specific tools and controls, so you can create and publish engaging, attractive and efficient web sites that complement your other designs.

Great Compatibility

Import, Edit and Share as PDF
Get designs from anywhere, and share with anyone thanks to PagePlus X4’s impressive PDF editing power, unrivalled in a desktop publishing program. Being able to open and edit PDFs means you can rework designs made with any other program, from a PC or Mac, then you can publish as PDF for sharing with anyone–whether they have PagePlus or not.

  • Open and edit PDF files like normal PagePlus publications
  • Publish as PDF for highly-compatible sharing
  • Make efficient PDFs for speedy email transmission
  • Host PDFs online or share with others for remote printing

Word Processor Document Support
While PagePlus is more powerful and flexible than the average word processor, you can still import word processed documents with pictures straight into PagePlus designs for speedy layouts. You can import Microsoft Word documents (including Word 2007), Rich Text Format, Text files, and Writer files. Plus if you also have Microsoft Word installed, PagePlus can use it as a converter in the background to support even more text file formats.

High End Graphics Compatibility
When collaborating with professional designers, you may need to use some graphics like EPS and PSD that usually require very expensive software to open. PagePlus handles these like a charm.

Complex Publishing Made Easy with Data Merge
You can create some sophisticated documents very quickly with PagePlus X4 by merging databases and pictures into your designs, bringing data into tables, and using spreadheet functions.

Get Artwork from Anywhere
Add popular image formats to your designs; PagePlus supports 28 different file types.

Import Audio and Video
Enrich slideshows and websites with embedded media including MP3 and AVI.

Share with Other PagePlus Users
Package files with all fonts and graphics, and even share X4 files with X3 users.

PagePlus X4 Comparison Chart

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