Seesmic Raises $4 Million in Funding From

Seesmic Raises Million in Funding From
In an interesting social enterprise move, a popular social networking collaboration tool Seesmic is taking a $ 4 million investment from, as well as Softbank. The San Francisco-based Seesmic has one of the top desktop and also mobile applications to monitor a consumer’s various feeds from Twitter, Facebook and more.
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Computers and cash stolen from West Reading playgroup
Gloucester Road Playgroup will be closed today and tomorrow following a burglary at the weekend.
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ARM Holdings eager for PC and server expansion
Record 2010, looking for Intel killer 2020 RISC chip designer ARM Holding has closed out a record Q4 and 2010, and is laying the foundations to expand into desktop PCs and servers through the aggressive and enlightened self-interest of its growing licensee base.… Reg Guide to Improving Systems Agility – Free Download!
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