searching hobbyist web development crew.?

Question by Marco: searching hobbyist web development crew.?
Good evening, which it is here local time. ( + 1 gmt ).

I am an experienced web developer, with experience of PHP, HTML, CSS and other langauges like C#, and dialects.

If you aren’t a web developer, you can click away, otherwise if you are and are interested, keep on reading.

As you might know as a programmer, a team is vital for the production speed and quality. I am seeking hobbyist programmers who are up for a challenge, wherefore we are going to create and improof web applications. applications like a forum, CMS, or java(script) systems for that matter.

I’dd like to set up a team of developers in order to publish products as FREEWARE, under GNU General Public License.

Of course, we set-up trademark names in order to receive credits using our name.Name is yet to be discussed.

Note that there is no payment, however if we manage to get sponsors we certainly divide the money received remaining after spending it to services like webhost, ftp, etc, if needed.

interested? post below, otherwise, please save yourself the effort of getting your answer removed.

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Answer by chad
I don’t know how well I qualify I’m in college still studying internet technologies and always looking for a challenge and an opportunity to use and increase my skills and programming knowledge. it sounds like a fun opportunity. I’m in if you’ll let me.

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