Salary info for software programmer?

Question by Skiguy98: Salary info for software programmer?
Annual reviews/raises are approaching for the company I work for and I need a superior salary source for reference, not percentage-wise but overall salary. I’ve tried most of the major sites,,,, the government, etc., but I feel all have distinct flaws in their searches. Pretty much what I’m looking for is real-data, no surveys or employee-entered. I need searchable features that include years of experience and degree earned. Most sites have a range of years to search and a lot of the time, the degree isn’t factored into the calculation. A free service is strongly preferred. Could someone please provide a link to an alternative salary service that meets these requirements or at least somewhat close. In addition, if anyone here works in the software development industry, what should a web application programmer with a masters degree and 2 1/2 years experience in South Florida expect to make in today’s market? Thanks a bunch for the help

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