Replacing a power supply in a Dell small form factor desktop

For more videos check my website at Don’t forget to subscribe to me here as well! If you have a small form factor Dell desktop replacing the power supply is not too different than that of a normal desktop computer. The biggest difference is just the power supply itself. The process itself is basically the same. With these small form factor desktops the trick is you just need to get the power supply, unfortunately they are only available through the manufacturer themselves (or ebay), and cost an arm and a leg. However once you do get ahold of one it’s just a matter of disconnecting the leads from the power supply to the motherboard, and hard drive. Then you can remove the power supply itself and install a new one. You can then reverse the removal process by connecting all the leads to the board and hard drive. You likely will need to remove a few components from the system to be able to get at all the leads. Take your time and note where the components came from and how they went together and you will be alright.
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