Remote Desktop Support Virtually Eliminates On-Site Visits


Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) April 17, 2007

IT personnel at Australian Financial Group (AFG), the largest third-party wholesaler of mortgages in Australia, are responsible for everything from software support for their customers to network and server administration for their primary and satellite offices. With customers and employees throughout Australia, AFG support reps could not travel on-site every time support was needed. After searching for a suitable remote support tool, AFG chose the BomgarTM (formerly NetworkStreaming) remote desktop support appliance and has now virtually eliminated on-site support visits.

Before purchasing BomgarTM, AFG’s support reps often had to walk end-users through complex tasks over the phone. “It was very hard to navigate customers through various PC tasks,” said Jon Craik, AFG helpdesk representative. “We relied on screen shots emailed to us from members to view errors, and this was time-consuming. Most of our customers were outside our domain, and it made it very difficult to connect to their PCs.”

AFG used trials of several remote control support products, including WebEx™ Support Center and Symantec pcAnywhere™, but these options did not fill AFG’s needs. “We found these alternatives under-performed,” said Craik. “Our customers and support reps found it difficult to connect to each other, and they seemed to run slower when connected.”

The Bomgar BoxTM, Bomgar’s remote desktop support tool, known as the SupportDesk™ appliance prior to the company’s name change, with its ease of use, simple setup, and ability to push remote control sessions to unattended systems within AFG’s company LAN, was the ideal fit for AFG’s support needs.

Since deployment of Bomgar’s remote desktop support appliance, AFG has increased first-call resolution rates by 50 percent, reduced call resolution times by 30 percent, and increased call-handling capacity by 20 percent.

According to Paul Blackman, AFG IT Infrastructure Manager, visits to customer sites and AFG satellite locations for the purpose of technical support have been completely eliminated, significantly decreasing downtime and travel costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and retention. “We are able to connect to 99% of our customers quickly and hassle free,” said Blackman. “Our customers feel confident that when we connect and take control of their PCs, we will be able to solve their problem the first time.”

For more information on appliance-based remote desktop support appliance, visit the Bomgar website.