Remote Desktop Support Provides Technical Service to Superyachts


Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) March 7, 2007

Although luxury and Superyachts have been around for most of the last century, their increase in popularity over the last decade has turned the high seas into a burgeoning business hub as CEO’s conduct their daily activities in the most private, most luxurious conference rooms in the world. However, communications technology has come a long way since John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill first met on the Christina O in 1957, and land-based support reps now face the challenge of enabling macros on spreadsheets for CEOs who are operating from company headquarters one day and cruising the Mediterranean the next. Marine Entertainment Systems meets these challenges with the Bomgar Box (TM), Bomgar(TM) Corporation’s (formerly NetworkStreaming) remote desktop support solution.

Marine Entertainment Systems works in the niche of providing IT services to Superyachts. In addition to offering email, MS Office, and a number of other application services, approximately five highly skilled technicians support the personnel onboard vessels. Marine Entertainment Systems has earned a proud reputation and expanded their customer base by providing exceptional service to their clients who, in turn, recommend Marine Entertainment Systems to others.

When a guest aboard a Superyacht in the Mediterranean cannot access his or her email to conduct an important business meeting, speed is imperative. There is no time to wait while a crew member, not usually an IT specialist, is walked through the diagnostic process over the phone. MESL recognized the need for remote desktop support – for both the MESL employee and the customer, remote support was a much more productive experience – and began their evaluation for a possible remote desktop support solution.

After evaluating SupportDesk(TM), now known as the Bomgar Box(TM) to reflect NetworkStreaming’s name change to Bomgar(TM) Corporation in Feburary 2006, and others such as NetViewer, pcAnywhere and Radmin, Marine Entertainment Systems chose Bomgar’s remote desktop support solution. Accessing a consistent type of Internet connection is almost never a possibility aboard a yacht. “Our customers are very rarely on a permanent connection, and we need to use whatever access we can get to them – GPRS, dial-up, wireless, or whatever,” said Chris Miller, Director of Services at Marine Entertainment Systems. The Bomgar Box was the only remote desktop support solution with the ability to connect on any level of Internet connectivity, through any firewall, anywhere in the world.

With the Bomgar Box, Marine Entertainment Systems no longer has to deal with previous frustrations encountered with phone support and various Internet connections: The Bomgar Box eliminates the need to blindly take someone through the solution to a problem or trying to find a connection. “The fact that NetworkStreaming will work over most types of Internet access has been instrumental in servicing our clients,” said Chris Miller. “Our employees now have peace of mind knowing that they are always able to achieve a useable remote support session, regardless of where the customer happens to be – even with the most rudimentary Internet Services.”

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