remote desktop for 3 computers in a small business?

Question by gyroscope11: remote desktop for 3 computers in a small business?
We are moving our small business. At the moment we have a server (computer) and our 2 other computers hook into this using ‘remote desktop’.

What is the best (and easiest) way to connect 3 computers to this one server? we will ahve one computer downstairs and the other 2 (and the server) upstairs? Will we just use remote desktop? it seems to work fine.

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Answer by johnnystarr12
As long as all the computers in your work group connect to the same router you should be fine.

That way the computers and server will be able to communicate to each other through the router and send the ‘remote desktop’ commands.

Your new office should be wired in such a way that all of the computers and your router can connect to each other using the networking ports on the wall.

If not, I would contact the person who manages your lease.

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