Remote Desktop Control Enables Business Continuity in Disasters


Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) April 4, 2007

Hurricane season is just around the corner and, according to a recent survey, the trend toward increased investment in disaster planning and recovery continues. However, although 80 percent of managers and executives surveyed will spend more on business continuity this year than last, nearly 20 percent of large enterprises and 31 percent of medium-sized business still don’t have a business continuity plan — largely because of lack of agreement on which solutions to use and not having enough time for implementation. There is one effective move they can make, even this late in the season: shore up their tech support. BomgarTM (formerly NetworkStreaming), the only provider in the remote support industry to offer an appliance-based remote desktop control solution, has a product designed to help get your business up and running again when disaster strikes.

Not having enough time to implement disaster planning solutions is understandable, even when it comes to technical support: some solutions on the market require complex configuration at both the server and employee/customer end and may include installation of a client on all computers being supported. They can take weeks or months to implement. Adding to the complexity is the fact that, to be thorough, such preparations must also include the laptops or computers of employees or customers who may be temporarily displaced. Mobility is pivotal in a disaster and this factor alone can be a nightmare for business continuity.

Bomgar’s appliance-based remote desktop control solution, on the other hand, is up and running 30 minutes after it arrives at your door, ready for on-demand support. In the event of problems with the location of the tech support team, it can be quickly and easily relocated and ready for business in the new location and, from that location, can gain secure remote desktop control of any PC or Mac in seconds regardless of the location, connection type or firewall configuration of the end user’s computer. Interruption is minimal, data is available and business continues.

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