Remote Desktop Control Appliance Helps Small Business IT Support


Ridgeland, MS (PRWEB) March 27, 2007

According to research published by the Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA) Industry Committee on Maintenance and Support ROI, service, support and maintenance accounted for more than 70 percent of total corporate revenue growth for technology companies delivering hardware, software, and network solutions to large enterprises and small/medium-sized businesses over the last five years. However, a recent study regarding the resources allocated to IT in small businesses indicates that the small business market is not a significant source of that revenue growth. In fact, 80 percent of the small businesses studied currently allocate no financial resources to IT support. This offers tremendous opportunity to those who can provide affordable IT support to the small business market. Bomgar Corporation (formerly known as NetworkStreaming, Inc.), provider of the only appliance-based remote desktop control solution on the market, may have the products that service and support professionals need to capture this billion market.

The study, published by the Small Business Technology Institute and conducted on 144 businesses with 100 or fewer employees, revealed some surprising figures:

    57 percent of these businesses do not have IT personnel and another 29 percent have their IT support handled by someone whose primary duties are non-IT

    47 percent of IT management consists of fixing something when it breaks, and an additional 27 percent, while having some IT management, assign it to employees whose primary duties are non-IT

    80 percent allocate no financial resources to IT support

The impact on small business growth could be significant: in addition to computers being down and interrupting workflow and non-IT staff being unable to do their own jobs while dealing with IT problems, this trend also flies in the teeth of enabling mobile and off-site workers – now recognized in corporate America as one of the most important elements of business growth and predicted by IDC to represent 25 percent of the global workforce by 2009.

Small business could be helped enormously by service and support professionals using the remote desktop control appliance from Bomgar. In addition to providing secure access to supported computers in just seconds, regardless of location, a Comparative Cost Analysis shows that the Bomgar BoxTM is more affordable than other remote desktop control solutions, especially over the long run. Over a six-year period, the Bomgar BoxTM costs less than one-third that of other solutions and, as the product is a one-time purchase, companies do not add monthly fees to their budgets. This allows IT service and support professionals to pass on the savings to small business customers, making it possible for them to afford the IT support they need to facilitate growth.

For more information on Bomgar’s appliance-based remote desktop control solutions, go to Bomgar’s website.