Remote Desktop Application Available for Android Market

Remote Desktop Application Available for Android Market

Remote Desktop Application Available for Android Market

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Remote Desktop Application Available for Android Market

Posted: Jun 30, 2011 |Comments: 0



There have been plenty of recent developments in the news with regards to Remote Access Software. A few years back, remote access programs were mainly made to run on PCs. Sure, there were different versions that were made for different operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. You also saw certain web based applications that would allow you to control another computer simply through a web browser, without actually having to install client software on the PC that you are using to control the remote system.


But right now, mobile devices are taking the Remote Desktop Software market by storm. One of the most recent developments is the launch of the application, which is a remote access tool that allows you to control the desktop of another computer on a smart phone or tablet PC that is powered by the Android operating system. With just a touch screen device, you can completely control a regular computer that is running on Linux, Mac and of course Microsoft Windows.


Now that this application has been launched, there are many more mobile remote control applications that are expected to be launched in the near future, according to analysts and experts in the IT world. Makers of PC Remote Access tools are getting more and more interested in developing versions of their software that can run on mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Apple’s iOS as well as the Google Android OS.


Many business users are realizing that they do not always need to bring a laptop computer with them when they are out of the office and instead rely on smaller, much more easily transportable devices such as tablet PCs as well as smart phones. But they still need a secure, reliable and practical way to access their data and remotely control the desktop PC that they have back at the office. This is one of the main reasons as to why mobile remote access solutions are rapidly being developed and put into use. If the developers of PC remote access programs want to stay competitive in today’s ever changing marketplace, they need to ensure that a mobile version of their program is part of their selection of software. If the current trend towards mobile internet enabled devices continues, making applications for these devices would be a good choice for any kind of software developer.


This doesn’t mean that “regular” remote access tools that are designed to run on a desktop or laptop PC are expected to die out any time soon. After all, there are still certain situations where bringing your laptop with you would be more useful and even necessary, such as when giving a presentation or when you would expect to type a lot of data, which could be quite awkward when using a mobile device. 

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Phillip Presley
About the Author:

This article was written by Phillip Presley he is interested in computer science and new technologies. He recommends that all companies consider integrating new Remote Access Software technologies into their business.

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