Remote Desktop and Remote Control Software

Remote Desktop and Remote Control Software

Remote Desktop and Remote Control Software

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Remote Desktop and Remote Control Software

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Posted: Feb 06, 2008 |Comments: 0
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Remote control software is software which is used to control a computing server or desktop computer from another computer. Remote control software is used for data transfer and it is a remote controller between two or more computers. In order to understand remote control software completely we should know the term Remote Desktop

A “Remote Desktop” is a computer platform in a remote location that appears to be local. Remote desktop allows you to control the desktop and the entire applications and contents of a computer from another machine. Remote desktop will actually allow you to see and control your connected PC as you are sitting in front of it.

Remote desktop software enables network administrators to simplify the process of monitoring and maintaining these networks of computers with a simplified and intuitive interface.

With the help of remote control software you can access your pc even if you are far away from it. As remote control software enables long distance access of computers. Remote control operation is used to take control of an unattended desktop personal computer from a remote location as well as to provide instruction and technical support to remote users. In reality software maintenance is one of the most important and common uses of remote control software.

Remote control software reduces call handling time and first calls resolution rates. Some features of remote control software:

? Remote access via internet

? File transferring

? Text and voice chat

? Desktop sharing

? Remote shutdown

Remote computer software permits remote control access to an unlimited number of computer systems over the web and includes support for multiple simultaneous remote desktop support sessions. Remote control software saves time provides the facility to access your pc from anywhere anytime.

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