Remote Application Hosting?

Question by TechnoBoy: Remote Application Hosting?
I need a service for hosting an application so it doesn’t take up my own computer bandwidth and usage. Basically, there are batch/executable files I need to run and maintain on for a certain amount of time. Mainly it’s just like a website except with an executable.

Preferrably it should be free. It needs to be accessible to anybody with the correct external IP address. The application requires specific ports open.

If you know of such a service, please reply. 🙂
So if it wasn’t clear, a recap:

An service I can remotely control from anywhere online, that will host an executable online to public access.
Alright, so I need a VPS with these specs:

2 GB space
512 MB ram
10 GB monthly bandwidth

And the ability to remotely control it anywhere online. I need to also be able to install software (pretty common ones) onto it.


Best answer:

Answer by tech_guy 2.0
There is no such service. Most hosts will not allow executable files. They may upload for download, but not to be executed on the server. You may find some paid hosts that allow it, but just about all free ones don’t. Plus, specific ports won’t be open for your use anyways. The best thing to do is use YOUR bandwidth and use apache http’s server to host your executable file for people to be connecting to it.

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