RemindMe 2.0

RemindMe 2.0
Category: Word Processing Software
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


Create Instant Reminders Using Your Own Handwriting or Voice.RemindMe is the fastest, easiest way to set quick reminders. Just enter a handwritten note, or record a message for yourself. When the time comes, your Pocket PC beeps, and the message you entered appears. It’s like a Post-it on steroids!Setting the alert time can be done in as few as 3 taps. The built-in Calendar is great for appointments, but for tasks like returning phone calls, turning off the oven, or checking the parking meter, RemindMe can’t be beat! Here’s some great ways to use RemindMe: Wake from a nap. Put more money in the parking meter. Return an important phone call. Catch a TV show. Take medicine. Turn off the oven. And lots more!Once you start using RemindMe, you’ll wonder how you got along without it. Order Today!

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