Relevance And Relationship Between Application Security And Application Penetration Testing

Relevance And Relationship Between Application Security And Application Penetration Testing

Relevance And Relationship Between Application Security And Application Penetration Testing

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Home Page > Computers > Security > Relevance And Relationship Between Application Security And Application Penetration Testing

Relevance And Relationship Between Application Security And Application Penetration Testing

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Posted: Jan 28, 2010 |Comments: 0


Is Application Penetration Testing important for Application Security?
Yes, It is. If you are running an online business and keep your data on the green cloud, and not in physical storages, it’s important that you run an application penetration testing on your web-based system for application security.

Your data may include customer information, their financial transaction details, and other critical business information, such as processes and research and development details. And you access them over internet or intranet.

Now if your application is not secure from attackers, these data will be compromised as well as your business. Will you risk that or better run an application penetration testing to ensure data security?

With growing popularity of online business, almost everyone nowadays have a website to procure orders, maintain client relationship and fulfill other e-commerce processes. If you do not ensure the web application security, your clients will feel shaky to part with personal details while filling the order form, or giving their credit card details.

And here comes web application penetration testing to full proof your website. This application security testing will assess your online system including order form, contact form, client database, and other web services you are offering. And determine vulnerable areas your website might be having.

Is only Vulnerability Assessment not enough for Application Security?
Well…there is a crucial difference between web application penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. Vulnerability analysis makes you aware that your system lacks anti-virus or has an open port, whereas penetration testing tells you how this vulnerability can be exploited and to what extent by simulating the attack conducted by hackers.

In this web age your interactive website needs something more…and that is web application security. If you think since you have installed a network firewall and need nothing more, may be you are compromising on application security. Because there are attacks which firewalls can not protect.

And application penetration testing will tell you whether existing security measures are sufficient to protect your business or not by scrutinizing the web-based system.

There are various areas to run penetration testing on your website, like, authentication, account management, encryption, session management, and other known vulnerabilities in software. Determine what kind of e-commerce service you offer and run the penetration test accordingly.

How to choose an Application Penetration Testing company?

You will make an intelligent decision by choosing a third party company for the penetration test. The reasons behind this are:

First, it is cost effective. Keeping an expert team of penetration tester in your organization can cost you dearly.

Secondly, for unbiased assessment. A third party penetration testing team will be unbiased to anything and/or anybody.

There are several security audit companies offer this added service as well. And there are some dedicated companies who offer application penetration testing as a core service. Keep these points in mind while selecting a firm:
• Assess vendor’s competence on application penetration testing.
• Check their real knowledge of technology and tools, not just certification.
• Evaluate trustworthiness and cost effectiveness.
• And ask for specialist penetration tester only.

After all it is your online system, your business. You could not possibly afford to overlook the security loopholes.

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Jeff Minton is an expert writer who writes articles for iViZ Security, the industry’s first on-demand, comprehensive, cost-effective network penetration testing for web application security, vulnerability assessment and management solution that secures your critical applications and networks.


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