Regression Testing for Web Applications?

Question by Gaia Tupputi: Regression Testing for Web Applications?
Some open source tools to perform Regression Testing for Web Applications written in javascript (jQuery), python and php.

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Answer by AntonioDelPierro
For testing the web application, I recommend you SiteBlaster:
It is a Web site load and stress testing web Applications tool; shareware. Can be used to rapidly submit requests to a site, or can pause a random amount of time between submissions, approximating user behavior. During testing the pages being tested will be displayed. Reports created on test completion. Designed to be very easy to use; intended for software developers and architects who want some early indication about performance characteristics of the web sites they create. Simulates MS IE web browsing functionality; a web page that is well behaved in IE should be well behaved in SiteBlaster. Best used to test those sites that use URL query strings to pass data to its web page(s). PDF user guide available. For Windows.

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