Reasons To Evaluate File Search Software

Reasons To Evaluate File Search Software

Reasons To Evaluate File Search Software

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Home Page > Computers > Reasons To Evaluate File Search Software

Reasons To Evaluate File Search Software

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Posted: May 15, 2008 |Comments: 0


There is a need to evaluate file search software available from online vendors to ensure that the purchased file search utility addresses the needs of a user.

Searching for files is one function that all computer users do. The most common tool used to search for different files is the built-in Windows Search utility. Otherwise known as Windows Desktop Search (WDS) on Windows XP and Windows Instant Search in Windows Vista, this search utility is an indexed desktop search developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating systems. WDS works by building a file index on the user’s computer drive upon installation. After indexing, the WDS utility is able to generate search results faster than it would have had if it searches all computer files in real time. File searches through WDS can be performed not only by using file names, but also by providing the content or file format of the file to be searched.

Unfortunately, the built-in Windows Search utility is only good for simple file searches. For complex file searching tasks, it almost always fails to deliver. It is for this reason that many computer users see the need to make use of a more advanced and powerful file searching software. Luckily for them, a number of these applications are widely sold online. One of the more popular file searching software online is the Effective File Search (EFS) utility. It was primarily designed to give PC users a more advanced file searching tool that is superior to the standard Windows Search utility that comes with the Windows Operating System.

EFS retains all the standard features of WDS, including unique features that distinctively theirs. Through EFS, computer users can search for files in the hard drive, floppy drive, CD, local computer network, and many others. Search filters that may be the date, keyword, size and other file parameters, may be used to obtain more precise search results. Files on the search list or search results can then be opened, renamed, copied, or deleted, depending on the user. Moreover, search templates are also available through EFS to allow users who make identical file searches frequently in a day to save time. These customized search templates are able to perform file searches using a few clicks of the computer mouse.

Another file searching solution available is the PowerGREP, a utility that allows computer users to easily find, update, and convert files, as well as obtain useful information and statistics from them. Files searches can be done when looking for words, binary data, phrases, or even regular expressions, describing the file to be searched. Moreover, this utility allows files to be searched, replaced, maintained, or converted without having to open them individually first. Also, statistics and other similar data can be obtained and extracted from the file archives and logs. The Turbo Searcher is another search utility that shares common features with the EFS and PowerGREP. Unlike other search utilities, this guarantees results within one second. Because all search utilities online have distinctive features and purchase conditions, computer users need to evaluate file search software in order to get the best file search solution.

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Sam Miller
About the Author:

If you are interested in evaluate file search software, check this web-site to learn more about evaluate document search utility.


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