Quick Grid Business Platform Allows Virtual Organizations to Quickly and Securely Access Services on the Web to Communicate, Collaborate and Manage Their Business


Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) May 11, 2005

Quick Grid today announces the availability of Q Grid I, an easy to use tool that allows individuals, teams, or small businesses to quickly access web based applications to better organize their projects and business processes.

Many individuals, teams working on a projects from multiple organizations, and small businesses are frustrated with the complexity and lack of support from traditional application vendors offerings. In addition most small teams or organizations do not have the resources for a dedicated IT person. Using the web as a platform and existing infrastructure users of Q Grid I can quickly access the tools needed to get their jobs done. These tools included web based applications provided by industry leading companies including like Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, Google, Right Now Technologies and others. The web based applications include Email, Calendar, Groupware, Desktop Search, Web Search, Portal, Instant Messaging, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, and Voice over IP. Q Grid I also provides an easy way to perform the back up and security activities that are necessary in today’s environment.

With the popularity of mobile and wireless devices organizations and teams are becoming more virtual. These users are demanding that their business critical applications be available from any place that is web accessible. Q Grid I allows users to communicate, collaborate, and get their work done from any place that has a web browser.

Quick Grid works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox Browser, or can be accesses from the taskbar from the Microsoft Windows environment.

A free version that includes email, calendar, integration with the Google Desktop Search tool, RSS Reader and other features is available at: www.goebelgroup.com/html/quickgrid.htm

About Quick Grid: Delivering Software as a Service.

Quick Grid, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is an integrator of productivity products and services. The privately help company helps its clients maximize productivity by offering a business platform for teams, groups, and small business to use the easily use the resources available on the web.

Google, Google Desktop Search, Google Mini, Google Search Appliance, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN Search, Right Now Technologies and Yahoo are all trademarks of their respective companies.

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