Pump Iron 2.02

Pump Iron 2.02
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Have you ever tried to manually track your progress as you lift weights? Pump Iron is the best way to keep track of those exercises and to target all of your muscle groups. Pump Iron allows you to create as many exercises as you would like using your naming convention and allows you to track that project on a daily basis and historical basis. We think you will enjoy the built-in graphs, lists, and reports. We are also pleased to announce “Muscle Man.” This is a screen in Pump Iron that will help you to learn our muscle groups and some of the exercises you can perform to work each individual group.NEW!!! All registered users of Pump Iron receive a FREE PC application called Pump Desk which allows you to print your exercise and workout databases. You can easily print a report and/or export the information to Excel. NOTE: This does require the Palm/Handspring hotsync software.VERSION 1.10 RELEASED! This version adds many exciting features. The (Go Back) buttons are now persistent. We added a personal trainer cartoon that praises you when you reach your personal best in weight or reps. We also added the ability to purge your old workout records.VERSION 1.11 RELEASED! Now includes the ability to use PalmPrint to print a daily workout summary and your historical best to any PalmPrint capable printer.VERSION 1.12 Added the ability to quickly be able to see your personal best right on the workout screen.VERSION 2.01. Added the ability to see your 1 rep maximum in both the exercise summary and daily workout screens. Also added date based purging to get those old records out of your system. Finally, introduced the ability to view a graph of your progress for each individual lift/exercise. HUGE IMPROVEMENTS IN TIME FOR THE NEW YEAR!We are pleased to announce the release of version 2.02 of Pump Iron and Pump Desk. This new release makes it even easier to add your own exercises to Pump Iron and adds an elapsed timer to the workout screen to help with timing your sets. This allows the user to be able to calculate their Power Factor, Power Index, and other time-sensitive statistics. Pump Desk 2.02 now includes the elapsed time as well which makes it easy to get this information into an Excel spreadsheet for additional calculations.

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