problem with 5 year old compaq desktop computer?

Question by macoroni and melons: problem with 5 year old compaq desktop computer?
Computer used very little. Has been plugged in for about 6 months but not been using it as have been gone. Now the only thing it does is has a flashing green light on the front, no picture on the monitor, the monitor does work. Have treid everything and still it does nothing but has this flashing green light. Wondering if my computer can be saved without it costing me much money which i do not have. Thank you.

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Answer by Frank Stonewall
Well, that not enough information to help. But what it sounds like is the video card is blown but with compaq they put the video card on the motherboard so you can get another videocard and try adding it.

But I would not try to fix a 5 year old computer, you can find a 3 year computer for less then $ 100 on craiglist. 5 year old system don’t really have the processing speed to surf the net with windows OS

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