Printing Plastic Cards with a Photo ID Printer

Printing Plastic Cards with a Photo ID Printer

Printing Plastic Cards with a Photo ID Printer

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Home Page > Computers > Printing Plastic Cards with a Photo ID Printer

Printing Plastic Cards with a Photo ID Printer

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Posted: May 31, 2010 |Comments: 0


Printing plastic PVC cards is now a common practice with a photo ID printer. The former popular cut and paste options are being replaced by the small desktop ID card printer system that print colorful plastic identification cards the size of your credit card or driver’s license.

Reasons to change from the cut and paste laminating system that has been so popular are many. Desktop printers provide cards that are more productive than other methods of making identification cards for students, employees, contractors, visitors and others.

One major benefit in using the plastic badging systems, such as a Magicard printer, is the cost of making the ID cards. The printer and software costs have dramatically declined in recent times. Now, it is possible to own a complete printing system to produce your colorful, custom IDs in the range of 00 to ,500. Printer ribbon costs and cardstock costs make an entry level photo identification for less than forty cents and it can be made in less than a minute.

The speed in card production just skyrocketed with the introduction of plastic photo id card printers. After the software and printer are installed, just a few steps are needed to print the first card. If photos are required on the card, the operator will need to make sure there is a digital photo of the card holder in a computer file. If not available, a digital photo can be taken with a digital camera and downloaded into the correct computer file. The operator opens the software, imports the picture, types in any custom text that will be printed on the card and hits the print button. In less than thirty seconds, a full color single sided card will be printed and ready for use.

These newer plastic cards last much longer than the laminated card of yesterday. Laminated cards were known for peeling and coming apart over time. The plastic card holds an image for the card holder photo that is burnt into the card. It is more difficult to change or adjust than the laminated card picture. The picture could be jimmied out of the card and replaced making tampering and counterfeiting a commonplace thing with these cards.

Waste is also reduced with plastic card printing. There is no issue with the laminator not being hot enough or it being too hot and burning the laminate. The errors that occur in badge making are reduced with plastic card printing.

Replacement cards are a breeze to make if a card is lost or damaged. If the ID badge software holds a database, the card operator needs to open the software, search for the original database file and reprint the card. Simple, easy and in less than one minute, a new card is available for use.

Many businesses today use a contact or contactless chip card to access their office building. Plastic card printers provide the technology needed to make the access card an identification card as well. Magnetic coding and bar coding are easily made with printers that allow these encoding options.

The security of the card system is also enhanced with PVC card printing systems. The software can be set up to be locked by password entry into the computer software. Some printers have locking features which keep unauthorized personnel from being able to operate the system.

Photo ID cards printed on plastic result in sharp images that please the cardholder. Professional results in the card printing process allow card wearers to be pleased and proud to identify with their organizations.

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William Gabriel
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