[PREVIEW] Microsoft Windows 8 – Tablet / PC / Laptop

Comment and thumbs up -_- Thanks everyone !! A video demonstrating for the first time the new Windows 8 touch interface. The 32 minute video was shot at the Computex 2011 in Taiwan. The presenter is Mike Angiulo, Microsoft corporate vice president. The first Windows 8 video, that Microsoft posted on June 2 on YouTube, offered a sneak peek of the touch interface of the upcoming Microsoft operating system. It caused quite the confusion, as many viewers assumed that the operating system would look like that on their desktop PC as well. From what we could gather, there will be a standard desktop interface available as well, with possibilities to switch between the interfaces. We will know more about this when the public Windows 8 beta is released by Microsoft. The four minute video was welcome, considering that it offered the first live footage of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Later that day, a demonstration was held at the Computex 2011 in Taiwan by Mike Angiulo, Microsoft corporate vice president which showcased the new operating system for more than 30 minutes. While you see more footage of Mike talking on stage, you will see live footage of the operating system as well. Probably more interesting than that are the explanations of Mike. Mike’s words have caused some confusion in Germany, where popular media outlets such as Heise reported that Windows 8 would only support UEFI, a new interface between an operating system and platform firmware, and not BIOS. This
Video Rating: 4 / 5