Portable USB Inkjet Printers

Portable USB Inkjet Printers

Portable USB Inkjet Printers

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Portable USB Inkjet Printers

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Posted: Apr 24, 2010 |Comments: 0


Portable printers are very popular today, maybe because more people are using laptops and they want a printer that they can bring along with them whenever they go. These printers can do what most desktop printer does, except maybe for some features which are rarely used and super-quality prints which some people don’t really need for printing only a text document. Nevertheless these printers are good and almost have all the things you need for a printer. There are many brands that offer a USB inkjet printer especially the new models, in fact all portable printers manufactured today are USB compatible, and it replaces the old parallel and serial transmissions used by old printers. It allows you to plug and play when you need it without shutting down the computer first. Portable inkjet printers are a good laptop companion, you can bring it together with your laptop and print on the spot without having to visit a printing shop or go back to your home or office just to print few pages.

So, what are the things we should look for a portable printer? One thing is the size; people want it as small as possible, if it can fit together with the laptop in its case the better. The smallest printer that can be produced is limited by the size of the paper; if you need an A6 printer then you can probably have it no more than the size of your wallet. Most inkjet printers are designed to print letter size papers which are commonly used for printing documents. Another thing to consider when buying printer is the weight. You may have the smallest laptop printer in the world but if it weighs like a desktop printer, carrying it will be difficult. Another thing is the price, making a small printer fitted with all the function of a desktop printer could be very expensive. If you really need it and you think you can afford it, then get it, it worth the investment in the long run. If you don’t have the money just get one that fits your budget. Usually, new model printers are very expensive, so other people look for old model printers (not so old, the one that new model replaces) because it tends to drop price when a new model is becomes available.

There are new ways a printer can be connect and communicate to a PC. Modern printer uses a wireless or WiFi and Bluetooth but you still need USB in order to use it with old computers. USB is still widely use as a means communication of many computer devices such as mouse and keyboards. Some manufacturers are trying to have a wireless version of these devices but I think it will take some time before USB will be obsolete.

You can find these printers in computer section of most department stores. If you don’t have the time you want to purchase them online. Just remember to consider the shipping cost when comparing prices. Most of the time the best price that you find is not the best deal once the shipping cost and other additional cost such as tax is added to the final price.

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For more information about small portable printers please visit smallportableprinter.net for a complete selection of USB printers and scanners.


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