Popularity of Desktop Computer Rental

Popularity of Desktop Computer Rental

Popularity of Desktop Computer Rental

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Home Page > Computers > Popularity of Desktop Computer Rental

Popularity of Desktop Computer Rental

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Posted: Jan 03, 2009 |Comments: 0




Desktop computer rentals are becoming an increasingly popular option for small, medium and large businesses. With top tier brands such as Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, Sony and Toshiba available with nationwide delivery at very reasonable rental rates, it is no wonder that so many companies are opting out of purchasing computer equipment and opting in to desktop rentals.

Hundreds of desktop models from top tier brands are available to business owners and representatives for both short long and short term rentals. Along with the rentals come complete computer equipment configurations, installations, custom software loads, around the clock technical support, and flexible upgrade and rental term options.

If your business is considering taking advantage of desktop computer rentals, there are certain considerations that should be taken into account before making your decision. To begin with, consider which software your business will be running on your rental desktop. What applications will be utilized and what is the approximate minimum memory that will be needed. As an example, 40 GB will be suitable for primary computers, and as much as 500 MB RAM will be necessary for media usage. Another consideration that goes along with your desktop rentals is secure networking. Desktop computer rentals should include built in means to connect to your existing network. The connection capabilities could be either wired or wireless. If your existing network provides Internet access, you should be sure to rent, or plan to install, virus protection software.

Of course, if your business if planning to utilize desktop rentals, consider which accessories your rental will require. Many accessories, options, and even upgrades are available at no extra charge. Consider your computer desktop rental requirements. Computer accessories such as wireless keyboards and mice, software, speakers, stereo headsets, memory and hard drive upgrades, high resolution video cards may or may not come in handy depending on your required use. Beyond accessories, there are accompaniments that you may also like to rent, along with your desktop rentals. Items such as wireless notebooks, color printers, scanners, presentation size monitors and projectors, upgrade options and networking accessories.

Flexible desktop computer rental companies will allow business owners to extend rental contracts without penalties or hassles. In fact, long term desktop computer rentals can be extended for as long as three full years! As an added benefit, you may be able to upgrade your rental at anytime, which comes in handy if the manufacturer introduces a newer model or more advanced technology. If your rental needs extend beyond thirty six months, simply ask your desktop rental company about direct purchase or even rent to own options. Rent to own and purchase options are not available from all desktop rental companies, these options are exclusive to specific rental companies with great connections.

Whether your company is presenting at a major tradeshow, in charge of a large corporate event, providing corporate training, or simply experiencing a seasonal upswing, desktop computer rental services are a smart, cost effective, and easy decision. Call you desktop rental provider for more information today.

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Jane Fields
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For more information on desktop computer rental visit http://www.vernoncomputersource.com/desktop-computer-rental/


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