Popular Desktop Gadgets

Popular Desktop Gadgets

Popular Desktop Gadgets

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Home Page > Technology > GPS > Popular Desktop Gadgets

Popular Desktop Gadgets

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Posted: Jun 20, 2007 |Comments: 0
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Popular Desktop Gadgets

By: Dan Ionescu

About the Author

Dan Ionescu is the owner of the gadgets and gift ideas blogs. See the newest gadgets updated every day and get the best gifts.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/Popular Desktop Gadgets

A gadget is a device that has a useful specific practical purpose and function. Gadgets tend to be more unusual or cleverly designed than normal technology. The desktop gadgets are designed to make your work on the computer easier. Most of the desktop gadgets are made just for fun. See the most popular gadgets of this summer and install the ones you find useful.

Most popular desktop gadgets

I wanted to find the best desktop gadgets so I have use the search engine to help me in my quest. I have managed to track the most popular gadgets using the internet statistics. With Google desktop gadgets the things where simple because Google offers the possibility to sort the gadgets by the number of downloads. With other desktop gadgets thing where a little complicated, to find what are the most used I have to read other sites about gadgets popularity and related forums and groups discussions.

So what kind of gadgets do people use?

In the top positions of desktop gadgets the ones that show time and date are very downloaded. There are a lot of gadgets that shows the time and dates like: Google Day/Night World Clock, DigiWatch, OMNI analogue and Google calendar. Also the gadget that shows weather is used by millions of people. The computer performance gadgets are in the top positions PerformanceMeter and System stats are used by many computer lovers.

Let us see the most popular desktop gadgets!

Google Weather. This gadget shows the probable weather for specified destinations.

AnswerBall. Ask a question to AnswerBall and it will give you the response! Got a question? Hold the mouse button down to shake AnswerBall and release it to get the answer. AnswerBall will help you take faster decisions.

Google Day/Night World Clock. It is a stylish analogue clock. You can use it to watch any town from satellite view, as the day and night change.

DigiWatch. Is a desktop clock that can be easily set between showing AM/PM mode or 24 hour mode. You can set alarms and see how much time is left until the alarm goes off with a live progress bar. The alarms sounds are customizable. Transparent-mode is available for people who keep DigiWatch always-on-top.

OMNI analogue. Is an analogue clock with a digital readout. Click the clock face to switch between the various digital display modes – clock, alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer. The countdown has an audible alert when it reaches zero.

Google calendar. You will receive a miniature copy of your Google Calendar to be at your side at all times. You can easily add, view and share events without leaving the comfort of your own gadget.

PerformanceMeter. Is the tool which displays CPU and RAMS utilization information. It can be placed in the sidebar or anywhere in your desktop.

System stats. Shows stats about your CPU (Central Processing Unit), memory, wireless signal and battery, latest version also includes Disk Usage.

Arrow Player. Arrow Player is a media player controller gadget. It works best when used to control Windows Media Player or Winamp, but it also works with iTunes and Coolplayer.

Gmail notifier. Notifyes you when you have incoming emails.

Other popular desktop gadgets are: diGGGadget – Brings digg.com v3 directly on your desktop, Kyivstar SMS Sender – Send text messages to Ukrainian cell phones and Multiplayer Reversi Game – You can play this game against your friend (by Google Talk) or against your PC.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/gps-articles/popular-desktop-gadgets-168149.html

(ArticlesBase SC #168149)

Dan Ionescu
About the Author:

Dan Ionescu is the owner of the gadgets and gift ideas blogs. See the newest gadgets updated every day and get the best gifts.


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