Pocket ScreenSnap 6 – Capture screen shots with ease! null

Pocket ScreenSnap 6 – Capture screen shots with ease! null
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Platform: mobile
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Developer One ScreenSnap lets you instantly capture screen images from your Pocket PC to graphics files with the press of a button!Capture and organize screen shots, then transfer them to your host PC at any time. Great for capturing your application settings and options for future reference (like network and communications settings), creating application documentation and press reviews. You can even create simple graphical presentations on the desktop, download the image files to your Pocket PC, and browse them using the full-screen navigation pad activated browse mode.Students and speakers can make great use of ScreenSnap as an electronic note-card viewer when doing a presentation. Create images containing your reference material on your desktop, download them to your Pocket PC and view them with ScreenSnap. Easily navigate your images with just the rocker switch.Organizations outfitting their employees with Pocket PCs can make great use of ScreenSnap to assist in creating Pocket PC user guides.View up to 100 images at once with the built in browser.If you’re looking for a friendly and easy to use screen capture tool for your Pocket PC, try out ScreenSnap today!Visit Developer One today for other award-winning productivity tools for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

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