(Please give a web site for reference) What is pcAnywhere?

Question by IceyFlame: (Please give a web site for reference) What is pcAnywhere?
All of a sudden this thing popped up at my work’s computer today, not knowing what it was I closed it. The title pcAnywhere just sounds like a monitoring device.

What are the main purposes for this application and what is it capable of?

Is it a spy program to watch me and make sure I’m working instead of just fooling around all day?
That’s good 🙂 So there’s no way they can see what I’m doing right now from this application?

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Answer by kimchee_boi
pcanywhere isn’t spyware. It’s a 3rd party app that allows you to remotely connect to other PC’s from other locations. For example, you can connect to your home computer if you’re on a business trip or from work.

The beauty of this product is it connects to your desktop at home as if you were really sitting in front of it.

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