Places and ways to use remote desktop software

Places and ways to use remote desktop software

Places and ways to use remote desktop software

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Places and ways to use remote desktop software

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Posted: Jan 10, 2011 |Comments: 0


Remote desktop software is used for various purposes both for personal or official needs. Earlier it was used only by professionals for official needs but then started to evolve to the point where it’s perfectly common to see remote desktop software used for personal purposes. These personal applications tend to be things like transferring personal pictures, videos or other large files or else to get documents and files that one might have forgotten at home.

Earlier, Remote Access Software was to be found used in workplaces. Due to the flexibility and features of the software, it is now used in educational institutions like schools and colleges; medical centers like hospitals and clinics; and individuals at home. In this usage, the computer that is accessed is called the remote server and the computers that are configured with it are called clients. You can find these network set ups in all computer labs including at educational institutes, IT companies, outsourcing companies, hospitals, and anywhere else they show up.

For example, this type of usage can be found in a computer lab in an IT company. There are plenty of labs in an IT company and not everyone is given the same access. Teams are given Remote Access according to their work requirements. If a company is located in a remote location, the teams will have to access to the remote server in order to manipulate and use data. This is a limited use of the software – advanced use goes more to admin and IT professionals who are responsible for the maintenance of machines. This access must be complete in order to install new software, troubleshoot problems and ensure the proper functioning of these machines.

For Secured and Limited Access

Remote access can be limited by the administrator to the clients. In companies or educational institutes, anyone using remote access software will have specified reasons for using it and thus their access will be confined to just the data that they need – with limited access to administrative tasks or data which they do not use daily. Servers can be configured to allow different clients access to different levels – and even different sections within the same level – of data.

The administrator that allows access to clients can reduce their access limits to keep the server from unauthorized access. The Remote Desktop Software is installed in such a way that it does not allow any form of unauthorized access to it from within, and from outside of, the system. These login systems are secured with encryption keys and other, usually proprietary, security features.

Multinational companies will typically have a remote server in their home country and clients installed with the remote desktop software in their other national markets. This allows the companies to save a lot of time, as the information can be directly accessed from the server by their global teams of employees and clients. Apart from time, this also saves a lot of money by reducing the need to have multiple server farms in each country. Therefore saving lot of money and time means the productivity of the teams or company will increase accordingly.

Nowadays the remote desktop software is very user friendly as it can be installed within two minutes or less on each client. With the increase in diversity of companies which use these types of remote desktop software, the features and facilities in them will also differ and evolve.


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Phillip Presley
About the Author:

This article was written by Phillip Presley on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your Remote Desktop Software, Remote Control Software, and PC Remote Access needs.



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