PickaTrix 3.1

PickaTrix 3.1
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AbraPick is the world’s first original magic trick for the PalmOS.Miraculous…You will read your spectator’s minds without touching the PDA or looking at the screen! Works even from another room without talking or asking questions! Watch the online demo here.Perfect for executives in need of a strong ice breaker at meetings. Widely used by MDs as a communication enhancer. And of course used by magicians, comedians and pranksters who get their hands on a PDA.This is the original magic and software award winning trick brought to you by Hottrix, the entertainment professional’s choice.Even works on someone else’s device!Spectator can examine everything without discovering the clever secret!Available for PalmOS and Windows. Get both versions for the price of one!EFFECT3 face down cards can be picked and turned over just like with Video Poker. The cards are all different and are constantly shuffled. Have your spectator play with the cards until he feels ready to pick one. Turn around or walk out of the room. You will know the name of the card without ever having looked at the device or touching it! Repeat if you like: Results will always be different.This is an absolute stunner and ready to amaze wherever you go! Pure magic!STRONG POINTSIf your PDA supports infra red beaming you can actually perform this miracle on you friend’s or colleague’s PDA without ever touching it!Imagine their total amazement when you read their minds with their very own PDA without ever having looked at the device OR touched it!Best of all: Should you stumble upon a very curious spectator who won’t give your PDA back after the trick: No problem. Let them fiddle with the cards: They are all different!Examinable before, during and after the trick without discovering the clever secret!FEATURES-No stooges or assistants needed-You never look at the PDA-You never touch the PDA-You never ask question-No timed events. Work at your own pace!-No infra red or beaming gadgets!-No sequences to memorize!-Different result every time!-FREE updates-FREE membership with Hottrix InfoXchange.-FREE online support.-Works on all PalmOS PDAs-FREE Windows version includedSECRETAbraPick makes use of a new magic principle utilizing the logics of your PDA. It comes as a conventional PalmOS application and can be loaded onto your PDA like any other software. Learn the clever secret of this miracle in 5 minutes.The elaborate tutorial (15 pages) and our online help will teach you the secret and every aspect of this sensational effect plus give you many tips and hints about how to perform this illusion so you look your best.A true miracle! Easy to perform and always ready!UPDATES:PLUGIN COMPATIBLEFinally you will be set for any situtation with our great theme card plugins. Great for working with kids or people not familiar with playing cards and performing at theme specific events.ON-BOARD TUTORIALThe scaled down version of our award-winning tutorial can now be read right on your PDA. If you beam the trick the manual will NOT be trasferred so your spectator will not find out the secret.BEWARE OF IMITATIONSwith small, hard to read cards and difficult to perform systems where you actually have to have the spectator read out cards loud to get your information.NEW DESIGNTotal image overhaul so the cards look crisp and clearly visible even on small screens. Full color support and only 20K in size now.PROFESSIONAL””S CHOICEHighest ratings on software sites and professional magician””s community exchange.SPECIAL PACKAGEScontaining plugins and other famous Hottrix e-trix available.Details, Support and Warranty information are here.

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