Photogenics 1.0A

Photogenics 1.0A
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for Pocket PC is based directly on the high end Windows and Linux versions of the software, but packaged with a friendly user interface specifically designed for the smaller screen size. As a result, Photogenics has an incredible amount of breadth and sophistication for a PDA application. See for yourself by watching the videos further down the page, and downloading the trial version!Screen Shots FeaturesPhotogenics allows the manipulation, retouching, and enhancement of digital photographs without the need for a PC.Offers the ability to draw and paint with realistic media, such as Airbrush, Chalk, Pencil, Sponge, Watercolour, and Smudge.Paint-on Image Processing: You can apply over 60 filters not just to the entire image, but to precisely the area you want, simply by drawing with any of the media tools. Airbrush everything on and off for instant touch-ups without the need for tedious masking. Dedicated filters for enhancing photos, including Auto Contrast, Auto Enhance, Remove Colour Cast, Remove Noise, and Remove Red Eye, as well as full manual control over the Hue/Saturation/Brightness/Red/Green/Blue/Gamma levels.Standard image processing filters such as Blur, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Pan Blur, Radial Blur, Roll Blur, Sharpen, and Unsharp Mask.Creative filters such as Fire Blur, Bump Map, Contour Map, Emboss, Bas Relief, Honeycomb, Pixelize, Randomize, Channel Flip, Tile, Colourise, Sepia, Colour To Grey, plus many more.Exclusive Paint Layer Technology: Mistakes can be rubbed out without having to redo the parts you like, using a “fade out” technique. Unparalleled Creativity Levels: Real-time modification of colour, transparency, image processing mode, and artwork positioning. Stunning Paint-On Pyrotechnics: Lens-flares, fire, and explosion effects can be combined with smear to produce supernovas, waves of fire, and even sunsets and waterfalls. Transparency: Photogenics allows you to modify not only the standard transparency of what you have already drawn, but offers fine grained control over the transparency of the individual Red, Green, and Blue channels, and also allows you to specify how much of the effect shows through to the Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights. Supports having multiple images open at once, multiple layers per image, plus alpha channels and secondary images for both simple and sophisticated image compositing.Standard image editing functions such as scale, rotate, flip, crop, add space, and clone.Thumbnail image browser for quickly finding the images you want to open.Supports loading and saving in several different file formats, including JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TARGA. Built-in time delay screen-capture ability.Sophisticated dithering routines to reduce colour banding and enhance display quality for Pocket PC’s that only support 12 bit colour.Videos1. Intro.avi (4.5MB) 2. Media.avi (4.3MB) 3. FireEye.avi (2.7MB) (Videos were captured using the Pocket PC emulator, then slowed down to approximate the speed of an iPAQ)RequirementsPhotogenics works well on almost all Pocket PC devices, including the Compaq iPAQ, Casio Cassiopeia, HP Jornada, and Palmax Amigo. The HP Jornada 525 is not recommended due to it only displaying 256 colours. 1.5MB of storage space is required for installation, and 2MB of program memory is required to run. Editing large images will require additional amounts of memory, from 0.5MB for 240×320 images, 2.1MB for 640×480, 6MB for 1024×768, 13MB for 1600×1200, up to 21.5MB for 2048×1536. In digital camera terms, you will need roughly 7MB per mega-pixel.DocumentationFor the Quick Start Guide, select Help from the Start Menu once Photogenics is running. For the complete manual, please download one of the following files. The HTML Help version is for viewing on your Windows PC, and can be viewed simply by downloading and double clicking on it, while the compressed Zip file is in plain HTML format for viewing on your Pocket PC device. PhotogenicsPocketPCManual.chm (94KB) – HTML Help (173KB) – Plain HTML Version

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