Phases in Web Application Development

Phases in Web Application Development

Phases in Web Application Development

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Phases in Web Application Development

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Posted: Jul 13, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Web is most favorable source of information, business, social interaction and other modern needs of the web users. In common words web applications are known to be the mediator between provider and receiver of information or data on the internet and more specifically, in the field of software engineering web application is the application which can be accessed through browser on the internet or an intranet. For understanding exactly, the most common web applications which are prevailing are online auctions, web mail, online games, retail sales, etc.

Web applications are widely accepted by the modern mass and online business through web applications which can also be seen at good hikes. Commonly using web applications are very simple, easy and enjoyable and many of the people are not aware about the creation of these web applications, actually practices and processes used for creation of these web applications is called Web application development. By opening the box of creation to understand web application development, it can be understood through step-by-step process.

There are varieties of technologies can be used in the process of web application development; few common technologies are PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, ColdFusion, etc. According to, developers follow disciplined approach for the web application development by using life cycle models such as Extreme Programming, Scrum, Timebox development and Feature Driven Development, then testing the web application on the ground of cross-browser, accessibility, usability, performance, security and HTML/CSS validation. In the market of web development there are professional web development companies active for the providing web application development services by using various technologies. Business world is using web applications for the online presentation of the products & services at global level for instance eCommerce applications are extensively showing their presence for last many years. Concept of customize application development for more refined and error-free work, web development companies’ offers a variety of services like new application development, modification & integration of improved features in existing applications, making combination of new technologies with old technologies for more productiveness and use of latest technologies for the web application development such as various products of open source technologies.

Web Application Development is getting refined as world is moving faster in the field of information and technology. Regular innovations in software engineering are providing more fresh avenues for the web application development.

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