PE Ftp Explorer 7.5

PE Ftp Explorer 7.5
Category: Web Browsers
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


Built on the quality and success of PE File Explorer, PE Ftp Explorer adds standard Ftp capabilities and eliminates the hassle of memorizing all the arcane commands. Now the remote file transfering and browsing is just a few clicks away!First of all, PE Ftp Explorer is a fully functional file explorer.You can find.You can create, view and edit shortcuts.You can tap and hold to display a popup menu.You can do multiple select, copy, paste, etc.You can double tap to run something.You can associate a file extension with an application.You can view file or folder properties in details.You can send/receive files to different folder using Infrared.You can set up filter inclusion/exclusion, split or without split.You can set up favorite folders, most recently visited folders.You can use convenient Up One Level button. The best of all, with scheme capabilities, you can personalize and customize PE File Explorer the way you like it!And much more…PE Ftp Explorer operates the same way on local handheld device and remote ftp hosts.An integrated Windows Explorer user interface.Allows upload and download of a whole directory tree with two simple clicks. Allows deletion of a whole directory.Allows upload and download of multiple files or folders.Now users can choose which column to display, arrange the column order and change the column width.A new Find design.A lot of speed and space optimization.User configurable Proxy Server, Ftp port number, Ftp passive mode and Base Path.Saves space. PE Ftp Explorer is a two-in-one program.

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