PC Guardian Introduces New Desktop Computer Security Products: Manufacturer Now Offers More Than 150 Enterprise Computer Security Solutions


(PRWEB) March 14, 2003

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA — March 13, 2003/PRWeb — Today, PC Guardian (http://www.pcguardian.com), developer of computer security solutions for enterprise PCs, announced the introduction of two new computer security products — a new desktop computer lock-down device, and a new security cable anchor.

“These new products expand the number of computer security solutions available from PC Guardian to over 150 — more than any other computer security firm,” according to PC Guardian President Noah Groth.

The Double Guardian(tm) is a one-piece computer anti-theft device that secures any two pieces of equipment that feature built-in Security Slots. Security Slots are small holes, typically located near data ports, found on numerous computers, printers, flat-panel and LCD monitors, and digital projectors manufactured by IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Apple, InFocus, and many others.

The Adhesive Mount Mini-Plate allows users to “create” Security Slots where none currently exits.

About the Double Guardian(tm)

The Double Guardian is developed around PC Guardian’s patented Notebook Guardian security cable and key-lock (U.S. Patent Nos. 5,983,679 and 6,321,579). Notebook Guardians are used to protect thousands of enterprise laptops against theft.

The Double Guardian uses two Notebook Guardian locks on either end of a six-foot, black-PVC-coated, galvanized steel security cable.

The recommended retail price for one Double Guardian is .95; however, significant quantity-based and reseller/dealer discounts are available.

About the Adhesive Mount Mini-Plate

Not every piece of equipment has a Security Slot integrated into its case, however — especially older legacy systems. For these situations, PC Guardian offers the Adhesive Mount Mini-Plate, a solid metal device about the size of a matchbox that can be attached to the equipment’s outer case using PC Guardian’s super-bonding agent, Zyton(tm). The device includes a built-in security slot.

The recommended retail price for one Adhesive Mount Mini-Plate is .95; however, significant quantity-based and reseller/dealer discounts are available.

About PC Guardian

Founded in 1984 and with offices in the US and UK, PC Guardian specializes in computer and data security solutions for enterprises. Businesses, governments, and institutions in more than 20 countries are using PC Guardian’s solutions to protect more than 1 million computers and their data.

For more information, call PC Guardian at 800-288-8126 (415-459-0190), email info@pcguardian.com, or visit http://www.pcguardian.com