(Part 1 of 2 ) Building my gaming/multimedia pc 2010 [so far budget of $609]

I finally decided to build my own computer setup, and yeah I know what you’re thinking “wow it’s about time you’re getting a new computer, you loser!!” and I agree, I am a loser, but now I can finally start work on Cartoon Animations, lots of Book Illustrations projects, have better video editing and now I can play games on steam much and much more easier with better quality. Yeah after a year of complaining about this crappy-laptop I finally got in into the mindset of making my own pc instead of buying one prebuilt. To demonstrate how crappy my laptop is, here are the specs I am currently “migrating from”: Intel Core 2 Solo T5850 @ 2166 MHz, 2 GB Ram and integrated graphic. Yep those are the specs do suck balls however they brought you all of these videos here on youtube :^). So if this new system isn’t an upgrade then I honestly don’t know what the hell is. I mostly got all the in now and is waiting for my new cpu to arrive for the moment. Oh yeah the Segate barracuda harddrive I mention might be replaced, reasons why will be in part two of this video. Note: Not all of the parts have yet arrived during the recording this video here. The ram/Harddrive was still in transit at the time, they will all be in part 2. So far the budget spent on this pc is at 9.75 if you include an oem version of Windows 7 then it might be 9.75 So far I’m not including software in the “build budget”, just hardware and parts. If you’re interested in the build specs then here they are: -Was