Pamela Fox – Writing apps the Googley way – YOW 2010 Melbourne

Pamela Fox – Writing apps the Googley way – YOW 2010 Melbourne
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Writing Apps the Google-y Way
Google App Engine is a framework that lets you build web apps on top of Google’s scalable hosting and data storage infrastructure. When you start building an app on App Engine, you soon realize that you do things differently from the way you made apps for more "traditional" hosting setups, because of our scalability-oriented design. In this talk, we’ll give an overview of App Engine, and then look at how you would handle things like offline processing, geographic queries, or storing files, and how you would design real world apps like a microblogging service or social network site.

Keywords: AppEngine, Scalability, Architecture, Java, Python, CloudComputing, GoogleAPI , Experience, Web 2.0

Target Audience: Developers who are building App Engine apps or thinking of using App Engine for an upcoming project, and who want to learn how they might architect the backend for their application to work best on top of Google’s hosting infrastructure.

Speaker Information
Pamela Fox
Google API and App Engine Mashup Queen
Google, Developer Advocate

Software passion: Teaching people to create things, and creating things that teach people.
Twitter: @pamelafox

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