oXygen XML Editor 13.2

oXygen XML Editor 13.2
Category: Coding Utilities
Platform: mac
License: Free to try
Publisher: SyncRO Soft


Oxygen is a Java-based XML editor with support for XML, XSL, TXT, XSD and DTD documents. It has Unicode support and the interface messages are translated in English, French, German, Italian and Romanian. It offers end tag auto-completion and a powerful code insight that guide the user to write valid XML content. The code insight can follow a DTD or an XML Schema or even can learn the structure from a partial edited document, allowing the rest the document to be created faster.
An important thing is manipulating XML content and XSLT is the normal way to do this. XML and XSL documents can be easily associated one with the other and the transformation results can be viewed as text or XHTML.
An XPath console is present to assist the user in testing the results of XPath expressions.
Oxygen validates XML, XSL, XML Schema and DTD content, reporting errors with description and line number information. More documents can be logically organized in projects. The syntax highlight can be customized. If the indentation is not right then the pretty print facility will solve this. Oxygen can run over the web through Java Web Start.
It comes with Docbook DTD and stylesheets. Includes the Apache FO Processor, being able to generate PDF and PostScript. Other FO processors can be configured as plugins.

What’s new in this version: Version 13.2 introduces a new Syntax Highlight mechanism capable of handling mixed content types, improves the JSON editing support and bidirectional documents rendering, extends the XML-native database support with find/replace capabilities and updates many third-party components. Also, there are many improvements in the authoring support, including an updated DITA Maps Metrics Report, experimental support for CGM images and updated API.

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