Our network printer and scanner

Our network printer and scanner
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Image by tawalker
A closeup on an IKEA ‘rack’ in my ‘den’, which holds our network printer, scanner, network server (‘ayeka’) and some hanging files.

The printer (‘azaka’) is an HP LaserJet 4100TN network laser, which we can print to from anywhere else on our home LAN. I bought this from my office when they were engaged in a bout of new printer-buying in late 2005, and were selling off the older machines. The printer cost me somewhat less than a new toner cartridge for it, though thankfully at time of writing I haven’t had to replace one yet.

The scanner is a Canon LiDE 35 USB model – currently connected directly to ‘tenchi’ (my main desktop PC), though one day I want to try linking it to ‘ayeka’ running a SANE scanner server, so we could scan from any other PC on the network. That’s not exactly high on the list, though.