Oracle Hosting – 5 Crucial Things before opting

Oracle Hosting – 5 Crucial Things before opting

Oracle Hosting – 5 Crucial Things before opting

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Oracle Hosting – 5 Crucial Things before opting

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Posted: May 21, 2010 |


Oracle applications are core to helping organizations support their financial, procurement and human resource processes. However, the demands placed on these applications only continue to intensify and can require much of your attention. Whether you are planning an integration of a new module or an enhancement in the application’s ability to proactively identify your changing business conditions – managing costs is always an issue.

Many businesses, small or large, have realized significant savings with Oracle hosting services as compared to their in-house solutions. However, evaluating the true value of the technology requires a measured approach and an understanding of how letting an application hosting vendor manage your Oracle applications, could help the business.

For businesses still contemplating whether they should make a move to Oracle hosting must consider the following issues for a better understanding of the technology’s benefits and true value:

1. High Availability of Applications: Maintaining application’s availability service levels is critical to ensure on demand performance no matter how fast the service grows. Employing an application service provider with a hosting platform tailored to your company’s needs will ensure your applications will be readily available when you need them. It also keeps you up-to-date on the latest technology, application enhancements, and problem resolutions. So thumbs up for Oracle Hosting for your Oracle applications.

2. Keeping Your Business Going 24×7: Entrusting your Oracle applications to an experienced service provider will ensure 24×7 monitoring and management of your applications and associated infrastructure. Your data will be backed up regularly so that your end user performance is never affected even if any outage occurs.

3. Advanced Security Features: One of the first questions you may have in your mind about Oracle Hosting is “How secure is my application?” The answer is: “Highly!” A good enterprise class application service provider always hosts and manages your applications on a highly reliable and secure infrastructure that also have the features to protect your critical applications, which means no outsider is allowed to access your data.

4. Minimize Resource Constraints: A move to the application hosting services can also help you avoid unnecessary expenses of building application infrastructure or investing in equipment or human management. And you can balance these needs against focusing on your core competencies. So, you got another advantage to go for Oracle hosting for your Oracle applications!

5. Guaranteed Application Performance: An application hosting provider who knows the inside and out of your mission critical applications, with strong industry expertise can proactively upgrade the capacity of your applications to let you stay ahead of your usage requirements.

The above mentioned criteria are a valuable guide to enterprises that are contemplating a move to Oracle Hosting for their Oracle applications but have been reticent to act.

Also, partnering with an experienced applications management vendor like NaviSite can certainly help too! NaviSite is a leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class, cloud-enabled applications management services. Holding vast industry domain expertise and global delivery capabilities, NaviSite has the capability to design application hosting solutions that have a tangible, positive impact on your business. The Company can plan, implement, upgrade, optimize and offer compliance consulting services for your Oracle E-business suite which make it a leader in managing mission critical applications. To explore how NaviSite could help you with oracle hosting services, please visit

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Saumya Aggarwal
About the Author:

NaviSite offers you to choose from a variety of highly scalable and affordable hosting plans that are customized to fit your needs. Learn more about oracle hosting services.


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