Open Source Web Application Automated Test Tool?

Question by ┼░bergeek: Open Source Web Application Automated Test Tool?
Say, hypothetically, one wanted to create a tool that would read a web page and perform a scripted response each time a specified input condition occurred. For example, every time the string, “Why is the sky blue?” appeared in a certain portion of the web page, the application would execute a scripted response. ­čÖé

How might one approach such a problem? Are there open source test tools available that could be adapted? Scripting languages? Raw emulation of the http stream? Other thoughts?

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Answer by JFalcon
Well, while it is not Open Source, Microsoft has their own Web Stress Application tool which can be used to do something along the lines of the features with which you are looking.

The utility will allow you to script requests (including a ‘record’ feature that records your input), can stress the site by making multiple requests with multiple clients (on different threads) and examine the results.

I don’t know of any open source solutions (although you can try a search on, but I’ve included the link to the MS Web Stress tool below.

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