No Credit Check Computers Financing-the best way to own Desktop Computer

No Credit Check Computers Financing-the best way to own Desktop Computer

No Credit Check Computers Financing-the best way to own Desktop Computer

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Home Page > Finance > Loans > No Credit Check Computers Financing-the best way to own Desktop Computer

No Credit Check Computers Financing-the best way to own Desktop Computer

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Posted: May 22, 2009 |Comments: 0


There was a time in the past when people with bad credit found themselves in difficult when they tried to get financial help in order for them to own a computer. Lenders were not forthcoming when it came to advancing them with any type of a financial assistance due to their poor credit score reputation. They were left with no option or if any, it was to rent out a computer for the duration they were in need. This option was quite expensive in the long run. This is made the financial market to come up with a loan product to assist people in their quest to own computers comfortably without the need to check their past credit worthiness. The lenders have realized that not everybody whose credit is poor is unable to unable to afford payments for new computers. There are some reasons by which people may be declared bad credit scorers, such as being divorced, or being declared bankrupt but at the same time they have some money to pay for their needs. This being the case, lenders have found it easier to advance loans for financing for computers to everybody irrespective of their credit history.

To get no credit check computer financing loans, it does not matter whether you have bad credit or not. More on this, some lenders even offer the borrower with different repayment options once they avail the loan funds. Some people actually prefer to put down some money in exchange for a lower monthly payment while other don’t have a single cent on their names. Furthermore, there are some lenders who encourage borrowers to pay their installments for sometimes before the computer is shipped to them or in other terms, this is what is called a layaway. In so doing you are showing the financing company they you can be trusted to repay the money owed in a timely manner and effectively while you are using the computer.

To get the financing company assist in payment of the needed computer, the borrower must have a valid checking account and be an adult or a person who is 18 or more years old. The person being assisted in the financing for their computer must also be fully employed or self employed in order for them to be able to repay their loan installments. In the UK, the minimum salary that one should be earning is £1000. The borrower must also have a permanent residential address on which they have been residing in for the past 1 year.

The reason the borrower must have a valid checking account is obvious, once the loan is advanced the monies are deposited in this account. Furthermore, there are some benefits associated with this, you don’t have to have a credit card in order for you to make repayments, you simply use your checking account to repay the loan amounts once there are due. The main advantage for seeking financing assistance for your computer is that the computers on offer comes from big companies for instance Dell, Compaq, IBM, Acer etc and the computers come with a guarantee of at least one year. This means that incase your computer breaks down within the guarantee period, it is repaired for free.

There are many computer financing companies available, the choice is really the borrower’s. The best computer financing companies are the ones found over the internet. Once you settle for an online financing company, the loan is approved within a few hours after application thus you are able to get hold of your much needed computer within a short time. Before settling for one particular on line lender, do some thorough research for the one offering you with the best financing options and the lowest rate of interest while you are at it. The competition for borrowers is usually very stiff, thus you are opt to get the best loan deal if you do your home work well.

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Peter Thomsan is Financial Advisor of No Credit Check Computers laptop.For more information on Laptops No Credit Check, No Credit Check Computer Financing visit


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