Nexus S Ninja unboxing concentrates on mayhem

Nexus S Ninja unboxing concentrates on mayhem
With the Google Nexus S hitting Best Buy stores this morning, YouTube will soon be flooded with unboxing videos as gleeful owners get a first taste of Gingerbread. It’s entirely possible that none of them will feature desktop ninjas in a completely interactive YouTube page, however, so if that’s what you’re looking for then you’ll […]
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The 10 Bloodiest Battles Microsoft and Google Fought in 2010
Microsoft and Google battled on a dizzying number of fronts this year.
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Forget the CR-48: Google is best at the cutting edge
The results are in, and the overwhelming verdict when it comes to Google’s Chrome OS is: “Why?” I lost track of the number of reviewers who pointed out that anybody can recreate the Chrome OS experience by simply maximizing a Chrome browser window.
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