New Trojan could mean attackers are waking up to Mac OS X?

New Trojan could mean attackers are waking up to Mac OS X?
Security firm Sophos has identified a new Trojan horse circulating that targets Apple’s Mac OS X platform, dubbing it OSX/MusMinim-A, after the malware’s apparent author. Although users still have to be tricked into downloading the Trojan—and the software currently claims it’s not finished and that more features are coming—the malware can run arbitrary Unix shell commands, shut down and restart …
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Microsoft puts the pedal to the metal on tablets
Put bluntly, Microsoft has blown it when it comes to tablet computing. Yeah, the company was the form factor’s earliest champion, but its vision was essentially rejected by the mass market. But work appears to have ramped up on Windows 8, which will include an interface designed just for tablets.

Matrox Introduces Next-Generation Dual-Monitor KVM Extender
MONTREAL, February 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Matrox Graphics Inc. today unveiled the new Matrox Extio F2208 KVM extender, a remote graphics solution that separates the operator console (two displays plus five USB 2.0 ports for keyboard, mouse, …
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