Networking Printers & Desktop Power Issues?

Question by rsf: Networking Printers & Desktop Power Issues?
I have a couple questions about networking printers. We have 2 printers we want to network one is an older lasar jet printer and the other is a Dell All in One Photo 966AIO it has a wireless network card. In our house we have 2 desktops and 2 laptops on our wireless network. Everytime I want to print something though I end up having to go plug my laptop in to the printers. Originally we had the printers plugged into a desktop but that desktop is not powering up now. Is there any way at all to use the wireless printer WITHOUT it actually being plugged into a computer. We are going to get a new desktop but if not what is the best way to network the printers for all of the computers in the house. 2ND QUESTION; our desktop just quit powering up all of a sudden, my husband bought a new power supply but it still not working. Any ideas? Thanks
are there any good books or info sites to learn more?

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Answer by xxvietxthugzxx
1. about your networking printer. why didn’t you make a home wireless network in windows. you can all share a printer and folder and files. 2. since you got a new power supply, maybe that’s not the problem. the problem could be either the motherboard and/or cpu. to test a motherboard. plug your power and try to start it up. if you get lights or start. then it will be your cpu. there is no other way to test the cpu but to get another compatible motherboard to test it.

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