Need help with a Computer Business idea.?

Question by charchar88: Need help with a Computer Business idea.?
I’m looking to start my own small computer business within a year if I can get a solid plan together. It’s not a new or original Idea but its something to start out until I can do something better. What I wanted to do was buy computer parts as cheap as I can off of or even ebay if possible and build cool looking desktop computers and sell them on ebay. I want to start my own ebay store if it becomes successful enough and sell 10 to 20 computers a week because I don’t know if I can build more than 2 or 3 a day. My goal is to make $ 100 profit.

I’m a computer engineering student and i’m trying to make extra money. Problems with this idea though is the shipping costs. Is there anyway I can franchise with newegg or get cheaper prices? Anyone know? Any advice in general, I need help.
I will be A+ certified soon to prove that I know what I’m doing and I will have further certifications eventually, I have built several of my own computers in the past.

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Answer by billspaced
One thing you want to do is to get a reseller’s license. This opens the door for a real B2B relationship with many vendors as well as allowing you to buy as a wholesaler; one of the benefits of this is not having to pay a sales tax. However, you’ll have to collect sales tax from your customers.

Not having a reseller’s license will close many doors for you. However, getting one requires some paperwork. You’ll have to get a business license, establish a business name, and all the other things that come with opening a business.

You’ll have to keep some records, too. And you’ll have to file tax returns, too.

Another approach may be to buy in bulk on eBay and package them into a finished product. You most likely will be able to make a fair (5-10 percent) markup on a finished product.

The downside is you may not have a regular supply of components; you will also have variable costs on the components (multiple eBay “wins”)…

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