Need experienced advice on what desktop computer I need to buy!?

Question by What comes around goes around: Need experienced advice on what desktop computer I need to buy!?
I have my own business for twenty years (law firm) and one of the computers finally died for good. I am not up to speed with the new specifications for size of how much ram and so forth, but I need a a new desktop that is fast as lightening and canand can run many programs at one time (such as Word, Office Suite, westlaw and so forth) . I need answers which give the specifications (and any tips on where to buy one affordably would be great too.

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Answer by Silverstars1983
In case you are constructing a new pc…what’s your budget?
If it is a new computer (starting from scratch) there are a few basic lines you should keep mind, whenever assembling a pc.
This is about a 1250$ (950€) configuration.

MOTHERBOARD: probably the most important part if your PC
think about the chip-sets. (for example if you go AMD get a motherboard with the ultimate 890FX chip-set). Make sure you check it out how many expansions slots it has.
(I wouldn’t buy anything under two 2.0PCI EXPRESS running at 16X slots, this could be important if you would like to add a second graphic card in the future.)
Also, choose a motherboard with sata3 and usb 3.0 slots.

Get a six-core Phenom II processor. The best one is the 1090 version. It has a very good price-quality level and it’s keeping up (or even exceeds) with most i7 mid-to high range processors.

The only really really important aspect here is the fact that is has to be DDR3 (get at least 4Gb and if your budget can handle it get 8gb) and the price tag.
If you wanna go expensive on this you can check the lag time. Anything under the CL9 will do great and you won’t notice any difference.

Get at least 600w or more power Supply
Here there are a few options regarding the brands… I personally would suggest Corsair power supplies. If you wanna do some overclocking.. go Corsair.
Other choices here are modular or non-modular. Not that important if you get a decent tower to put it all in. (Note: Do not get a power supply that is built in a tower-case.)

TOWER (more important than you think)
Here you want to get at least an ATX-format tower. Almost all the motherboards will fit in nicely. Also check, the possible vents you can install…
Take a tower with the possibility to install at least 5 fans.
* front vent (intake)
* side panel (intake)
* inferior/floor of the case
* top fan/ceiling (exhaust)
* rear fan (exhaust)
Even more important is the installation of your power supply unit AT THE BOTTOM of the tower case. The fan of the power supply unit then blows loads of fresh air into the tower case.

Getting a SATA3 of 1TB should be OK. Also keep in mind that you can always install the old HDD’s of your old computer to give you some extra storage space.
I strongly suggest SATA3 because it is a tiny bit faster and not even 10euros more expensive then the SATA2 equivalent.

ah, the eternal struggle between Nvidia or ATI.
I personally would go ATI because of their lesser need for power. (good for your electricity bill).
Nevertheless Nvidia has some pretty good cards as well. On a “single card” level they have still the fastest cards (now GTX 580).
So what should you do? Choose a card with directx 11 support, at least 1gb of memory and at least 256bit data transfer width.
That should leave you with the following possible choices.
ATI HD 5850, 5870, 6870, 6850,…5970…
Nvidia GTX 460, 465, 470, 480, ….580…

AMD Phenom II 1055T X6 2.8Ghz 125W AM3 Box
ASRock 890FX Deluxe3
Exceleram DDR3 1600 PC3-12800 4GB 2x2GB CL7
Cooler Master Dominator CM-690 II Lite
Corsair CX600 600W
Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5
LG BH10LS30 Grabadora DVD/Blu-Ray Lightscribe Retail
Montaje Y Testeo De Componentes Internos Del PC
For exemple this one would be 942€ (building it and taxes incl.)

I could go on and on…
But these are, in my opinion, the most important lines of today’s custom build pc.

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