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Question by jmhoff10500: Need Computer Class Help!?
Out of 100 Questions, these are the ones i cant figure out…

Which of the following is NOT a type of broadband Internet connection?
a. dial-up
b. DSL
c. satellite
d. cable

Web 2.0 describes:
a. the newest Web browser on the market.
b. the newest netiquette rules for group communication.
c. the newest Web development language.
d. a trend of new Web applications that combine the functionality of multiple applications.

Which of the following provides the highest speed Internet connection?
a. satellite.
b. DSL.
c. dial-up.
d. cable.

Which statement is true about VoIP?
a. All VoIP services are free.
b. You cannot make a call from a Wi-Fi hot spot.
c. You must be at a computer to make a phone call.
d. All VoIP services will work with your own home phone and no special equipment is
needed to connect your phone to the computer.

All of the following are advantages of VoIP EXCEPT:
a. the ability to make calls from any Wi-Fi hotspot.
b. reliability.
c. low or free cost.
d. portability.

Broadcasting your video to a live audience over the Web is referred to as:
a. Webcasting.
b. Internet casting.
c. podcasting.
d. streaming casting.

A majority of online credit card fraud results from:
a. phishing.
b. computer intrusions.
c. auction fraud.
d. unsolicited e-mail.

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Answer by Euclid
Theses are all really easy. Don’t you have handouts or books to read which detail all this?

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